Safety precautions for the use of ring chain electric hoist

Safety precautions for the use of ring chain electric hoist
On the basis of understanding the operating instructions, please note the following:
1 please operate on instructions and nameplate content after memorizing.
2 please, on the lower limit stop block adjustment after hoisting objects.
3 please confirm the reliability of the brake condition before use.
4 when using the first if the wire rope is found the following abnormal conditions, absolutely not to operate.
A, bending, deformation, corrosion, etc..
B, wire rope breaking degree exceeds the specified requirements, the wear volume is large.
5 before installing the use of the use of the 500V gauge check the electrical resistance of the motor and the control box, the cold state resistance at room temperature should be greater than 5000000000000 in Europe, can be used.
6 please do not exceed the rated load capacity of lifting objects, rated load have been marked on the nameplate on the lifting hook.
No riding 7 lifting objects, the other will never electric hoist as the elevator hoisting mechanism for manned.
There are 8 people below the lifting objects shall be.
9, can not lift hook in the swing state.
10 please move to the above object hoist hoisting, not slant.
11 limit device is not allowed to use as a travel switch.
12 not lifting objects connected with the ground.
13 please do not over point operation.
14 don't pull other objects with a flashlight door line.
15 must cut off the power before maintenance inspection.
16 repair inspection must be carried out in the no-load state.
17 please confirm if the wedge is installed before use.


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